Mold & Condensation

Mold and condensation are distressing and frustrating in your home.    The management of moisture in your house is a delicate balance and in modern homes triple glazed technology and insulation have made our homes warmer and more draught proof than ever.   In some cases this may be an obvious fault or repair,  but in most cases,  mold occurs when moisture is trapped in your home and settles on the coldest external wall.    

Some reasons you may be experiencing mold:

  • Lack of thermostat for heating
  • Insufficient bathroom humidistat sensor venting externally 
  • Lack of venting bricks
  • No quality kitchen hood extracted to outside
  • No trickle vents in windows
  • May need to replace internal plasterboard on external walls with 22mm insulated plasterboard
  • Check for any faults and defects such as leaks in pipes, roof tiles, or other areas where water ingress is problematic
  • Check window installations for gaps causing excess cold air entering the brickwork around the frame (common in flats)

Mold problem before

After works:

How can we help you?

Every property is different,  but if you are experiencing condensation and mold problems please get in touch with us for visit.  You may have an obvious fault which can be repaired,  or several related problems that can be improved.  Even small modifications to your home can help keep your house free from condensation on windows and mold growing on walls.    We can carry out repairs and then paint and decorate to bring your house back to how it should look.