Metro Tiles

What do builders really think of Metro tiles?      Metro tiles are incredibly popular,   but for large areas of Metro tiles,   especially in a shower / bathroom they are tricky and time consuming to fit.   First of all the wall behind the metro tiles needs to be incredibly flat,  for as they are smaller they are more difficult to hide uneven wall than larger tiles.   This in the end means a higher cost to the customer as they walls may need to be bonded, plastered or plaster-boarded beforehand.  Secondly as they are a smaller size,  they labour intensive and take longer to fit than larger tiles.


The other thing to think about with Metro tiles,  is where they will be fitted.   If it is in a shower cubicle, and the client is using light or white grout,  there may be a problem of the grout discoloring after a couple of years,  which may not happen as much with larger tiles.  One way round this is using darker grout.