Mold, Damp & Condensation

Let's be honest,   most house owners are terrified of mold and damp and for good reason.   There are plenty of builders out there that would love to separate you from the money in your wallet over these kinds of problems.      My view is more of a divide and conquer type of theory.    What KIND of mold / damp are you experiencing and why.  


Rising damp

This is the worst kind,  and is a result of the damp proof course in the structure of your floor and walls having issues with keeping the moisture out.    This is one of the most difficult problems to solve as it involves creating a new damp proof course in the floor and walls.    



Condensation is a much easier mold to treat.    It is important to remember that not just one thing will make your home moldy because of condensations.   There are multiple issues,  but each of them can be treated relatively inexpensively


  • Central heating thermostat - does your heating have a thermostat
  • Radiator size - radiator performance and is the radiator big enough to heat your room efficiently
  • Badly fitted windows - if you have spaces around your external windows they will cause the walls around that area to be colder than other parts of the walls
  • Ventilation of your shower - does your shower extractor ventilate to outside your property
  • Ventilation of your cooker.   Do you have a kitchen extractor which is vented outside the kitchen 

Condensation will gather and turn to mold on a wall which is 12 degrees Celsius or under.         Changing the plasterboard to an insulated plasterboard,  as well as filling all holes around windows,  changing the way you ventilate the property and efficient heating will make that mold disappear forever.